Compass Connected and Smart Industry 4.0 platform is served through our Cloud Platform as a Yearly Subscription service.

Compass Connected and Smart

Compass Service Subscription is based on active connected machine. Our service includes below modules and features.


Base Platform:

  • Manufacturer Portal
  • Customer Portal (Add-on)
  • Role based access for;
  • Sales, Support and Production teams
  • Re-Sellers (Add-on)
  • Customers (Add-on)


  • Compass Service API to collect machine telemetry data
  • Credible PLC, HMI vendor integration APIs
  • OPC-UA​
  • Modbus
  • Integration API to share data for customer MES (Add-on)
  • Integration API to connect Manufacturer ERP (Add-on)

Data Logging and Analysis:

  • Cloud based telemetry logging module
  • Time based OEE calculation module
  • Errors and Faults module
  • Machine list
  • Machine list on Google Map
  • Machine actual view
  • Machine historic data analysis and visualization
  • Statistics module (Add-on)
  • Job history module (Add-on)
  • Operator history module (Add-on)

Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence:

  • Anomaly Detection (Add-on project)
  • Predictive Maintenance (Add-on project)


  • User and Role defintion
  • Machine definition
  • Customer definition
  • Re-seller definition (Add-on)
  • Gateway definition (Add-on)


  • Notification for vendor service and support teams
  • Notification for customer service and support teams


Remote Access and Support

  • Remote access to machine (Add-on)

Compass Gateway

Compass Gateway serves for secure data integration medium for Compass Connected and Smart platform. Compass gateway is an industrial IoT gateway with several different options and sizes. It is feasible and effective.

Based on the requirements of the project, appropriate gateway model is selected and used in deployments.

Compass Gateway has;

  • Reliable wide area data connection through Ethernet, WiFi or 3G networks.
  • Firewall for securing your machine from 3rd parties.
  • Secure VPN access module for remote connection and support.
  • Local backup data store for data protection in case of network connection loss.
  • Optional serial connection ports for data access (USB, RS485, RS232, CAN).
  • Optional Digital IO.
  • Remote device management and monitoring
  • Automated device provisioning

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